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Customizing the Outlook Email Gadget
Customizing the Outlook Email Gadget

Information about how the Outlook Email Gadget

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The Outlook Email Gadget not only gives users access to Method data by displaying Method screens within their Outlook inbox, but it is also customizable to fit your needs. 

NOTE: The customization of Outlooke Email Gadget screens requires knowledge on customization within Method. To learn how to customize, please check our help articles on customization.

Almost every screen is customizable within the Outlook Email Gadget with the exception of the top bar showing the options to Search Contacts and add New Contacts.

This article will include tips to keep in mind when customizing the gadget.

  • Screens are located in the apps they’re represented as. For example: the invoice list is located in the Invoices app.

  • Every screen inside of the Outlook Email Gadget is prefixed with “Email -”. For example: "Email - Invoice List". If you create a new screen, follow this naming convention. 

    • To customize the contact's View/Edit screen, you will need to customize the Email - View/Edit Contact screen within the Contacts App.

  • The Outlook Email Gadget is 350 pixels in height. Some platforms may allow this to be altered, but for the most part, this is a fixed height. Create your screen with this height in mind.

  • Although the height is fixed, the width is not. Create responsive screens as you would for mobile devices.

  • The Contact and its Entity will be stored in the following values from Session variables:

    • Email Gadget - Contact RecordID

    • Email Gadget - Entity RecordID

  • Data from the Outlook Email is available to you. Use the Retrieve Value from Email action to retrieve information like the sender, the subject, and the email body.

Note: At this time, you will not have access to attachments or images in the email.

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