If a Method:CRM user no longer needs access to your Method:CRM account, you can set that user as inactive.

Note: Only a user with administrative permissions can set a user as active or inactive.

When a Method:CRM user is set to inactive:

  • The Method:CRM user can no longer sign into the Method:CRM account

  • Their permissions to packs and apps are removed

  • The Method:CRM account is no longer charged for the inactive Method:CRM user

Another Method:CRM user with administrative permissions can activate the user again, however all the permissions will need to be set.

Setting a user to inactive

 1. Click the upper-right blue circle icon and then click Account Settings.

2. Click Users.

3. Select the user you wish to manage and click on their name.

4. Under General, uncheck the User is active checkbox.

5. Click Save.

The Method:CRM user is now inactive.

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