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Unsubscribing from Packs and Apps

How to remove packs and apps from your Method account

Updated over a week ago

There is no way to uninstall a pack. Instead, to unsubscribe the pack from your account, you only need to remove all users from a pack. In doing so, your Method account will no longer be charged for that pack.

Note: Only users with administrative permissions can add and remove packs. Please see Managing user permissions for more information on administrative access.

Unsubscribing from a Pack

To open the Manage User Permissions screen:

  1.  Click the upper-right profile icon and then click Account Settings.

  2. Click Subscription.

  3. The next screen shows your installed packs and how many users you have for each. To remove access, select the desired pack in the list.
    In this example, we will select the Sales Pipeline pack and remove it from our subscription list. 

  4. This opens the Permissions screen for that pack: You will need to expand each app to see the users.

  5. As mentioned before, you need to remove access for all users in every app of the pack to unsubscribe from the app.

    In this example, all users have been removed from the Opportunities app and the Web to Lead app. Note the Pack Total is $0/month. 

Note: Even though unsubscribed, the pack will still appear on your Subscriptions page, but with 0 users and a total cost of $0. You can always add users to this pack to subscribe to it again.

Note: If you remove a user from the pack, they will not be able to access that app. For ex: if you remove a user from the Sales Transaction pack they will not be able to access transactions like Estimate, Invoices, Payments, etc. in Method.

And you're done! Feel free to remove other packs as needed. You cannot, however, remove the Contact Management pack. 

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