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Install Packs and Apps

How to install new packs and apps in your Method account.

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When you first start your Method trial, you will find Apps that have already been installed in your account. Below, you can see the Contacts, Activities, Opportunities, and Estimates apps on the dashboard.

However, your business may require more functionality than what those base apps provide. 

Thing is, you cannot subscribe to individual apps, you must subscribe to the packs that contain those apps.

This article will show you how to subscribe to more Packs using the Purchase Transactions Pack as an example.

For a list of packs and the apps they contain, see the article What are Packs and Apps?

Note: Only users with administrative permissions can add and remove packs. Please see Managing user permissions for more information on administrative access.

Subscribe to New Packs

In our example, we subscribe to the Purchase Transactions Pack.

  1. Click Add / Remove Apps at the bottom of the dashboard.

  2. This will open up the Add / Remove Apps screen. Available Packs lists all packs that have not been installed in your account. Subscribe to a new pack by clicking on it.

  3. This opens a more detailed description of the pack, and a list of the apps it contains. Some packs may have only one app, while others have many more. To install the app, click Add Pack.

  4. The next step allows you to set up the app permissions for your users: who can and cannot access the apps. Click the expand link beside each app to see the user permissions for each app. For our example, there we'll look at the Bills permissions.

  5. You can give each user in your Method account access to each app by clicking the Access checkbox. For more information on permissions, check our article on Managing User Permissions. Expand other apps and give the appropriate permissions.

  6. When you have finished granting access to your users, click Install to begin installing the apps in this pack. You can then return to your dashboard.

When the installation is complete, you'll receive a notification and the apps will appear on your dashboard. You can then begin using the apps of your brand-new pack!

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