Show Message Action

An action to show a pop-up message to the user.

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The Show Message action will display a message in a pop-up window. 

This action is used to convey information to the user, such as confirmations or warnings. It can also be a useful debugging tool. You can display action results to see if they hold values you are expecting.




The title text for the pop-up window.


The text to be shown in the pop-up window. This text can be manually formatted using HTML tags.

Insert a value into the message

You can display values from the screen or action results.

Show these button(s)

Buttons at the bottom of the message window

  • OK: closes the window.

  • OK/Cancel: Two buttons are shown. OK closes the window and continues. Cancel closes the window and ignores remaining actions.

  • Yes/No: Place the user's response in an action result which can be used later within a conditional statement.


In the below example, we've created a text input box labeled "varInput".

The Show Message Example button has the below Show Message action:

There are two things to highlight in this example

  • HTML tags are added to bold the sentence "Typed value:" and a <p> tag has been added to make a new line.

  • When the "varInput" control in the dropdown is selected, it gets added to the Message section as #control.varInput.

When the button is pressed, the message is formatted as shown below:

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