Show Right Panel Action

This action displays the right panel to invite users and manage tags

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The Show Right Panel action provides users an option to display the right panel within Method allowing easy access for:

  • Quick Invite User to add additional Method users

  • Manage Tags to manage existing tags. For more information on using tags and how a Method user would use it, please see the article Using Tags.

The above image shows what the screen looks like for Quick Invite User.


Configuring this action is very simple. The screen consists of one dropdown allowing you to choose which right panel to show. At this time, you can choose between a panel to quickly invite users, or a panel to manage tags. 

Example Scenarios

Quick Invite User

Selecting this option will allow you to quickly add additional Method users from the right panel which will open on your current screen.

To add a user follow the steps below:

  1. Provide a user Name for the user being invited.

  2. Provide a valid Email for the user being invited.

  3. Set the permissions for the user being invited. You can choose to apply the Same App Permissions as those assigned to an existing user.

  4. Click Invite.

NOTE: Adding additional user will increase your monthly subscription cost.

Manage Tags

Selecting this option will open up the right panel to let you add and manage tags.

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