Mission 3 - 3: Save Car
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In the previous mission, we added functionality to the Back link so the Method user would be able to navigate back. 

We are going to add functionality to the Save button in this mission, so if you are currently not customizing the New Car screen, customize it now.

Updating the Save Button

1. Click the down arrow ( ▼ ) on the Save button select its Click event. This brings up the Action Editor for your Save button.

2. Again, on the right panel, you will find every action available in Method (see List of Actions for details).

3. Search for the Save All action. This will save the filled-in fields on the screen to a new record in the Cars table.

4. When you select the Save All action, you notice there isn't much to set up for this action. We will get to Validation of fields in a later mission.

5. Normally, you would make a note in the Internal Notes section, however this action doesn't really do much other than what it says.

6. Close the Action Editor and then Close the screen to exit design mode of the screen.

That's it! That's all it takes to save a new record. However, you're not done yet!

Coming up next...

So - now when you save a car, the car record is saved to the table. However, the user experience could be improved. For example, the user doesn't know if the save button worked once they click it. Normally, the screen would go back to the previous screen, or do something to indicate a save occured. Let’s remedy that in the next mission.

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