Attachments feature will allow Method:CRM users the ability to attach one or more files to almost any record within Method:CRM. For example, you can attach a file to an estimate, an activity, an opportunity, etc. 

Note there is a 50 mb/attachment limit and 10gb/account. 

In the above example, you see three files have been attached to an estimate.

The email checkbox provides the option to email the attachments.

For example, if you are viewing an estimate and wish to send it to the customer, any attachments attached the estimate will also be emailed if the email checkbox is selected for the attachments.

Note: If you add attachments to an email and don't the email checkbox is not checked, then the attachment will not be sent out. 


What type of files can I upload?

 You can upload any type of file you want, there are no restrictions.

Is there a size limit? 

There is a 50 mb/attachment limit (10 gb/account). A notification will be sent if a file exceeds the size limit.

Are changes made within the Attachments control automatically saved for me?

If you have an active recordID on screen, any changes made within the Attachments control are autosaved for you (If you upload a file, you don’t need to hit save for the document to save).

Is this available on all Method:CRM Stock Apps?

This is available in all Method:CRM's stock apps, except for the Contacts apps. They may be included in a later release. 

Can I use attachments when I customize?

Yes. Please view our Attachments Object article.

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