File attachments added to Method is not stored in a master table. Instead, a file attachment is associated to a specific record.

For example, you can attach a file to an invoice, and the attachment is associated only to that invoice.

Normally, files are attached using the Attachments Object. This allows for the Method User to attach the file themselves.

However, using the Add Attachment to Record ID action, you can attach a file to a record if you have the URL of that file without having to use the Attachments Object.

  • Select a table: choose the table which holds the record you want to attach the file to.
  • Specify record ID: indicate a particular record to attach the file to.
  • Attachment URL: the URL of the attachment to be attached to the record.

If you wish to get the attachment URL for an attachment already associated with another record, you will need to use the action Loop Through Attachments

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