Add Attachment to Record ID Action

An action to attach a file attachment to an existing Record ID.

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Normally, files are attached using the Attachments Object. This allows a Method user to attach the file manually via drag-and-drop.

However, using the Add Attachment to Record ID action, you can attach a file to a record if you have the URL of that file without having to use the Attachments Object.

These manually added attachment will still show on the Attachments Object, if the record is viewed on a screen with the attachments object.

For more information on attachments, see our article "How Attachments Work."



Select a table

Select the table from the dropdown that holds the record you want to attach the file to.

Specify RecordID

Indicate the unique record to attach the file to with record's Record ID.

Attachment URL

The URL of the file to be attached to the record. This should be a direct link to the file and not a file on a virtual drive such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Value can be typed in or specified by an action result or control.

To be included in email

When an email is sent, you can specify the Attachments object to be used as a source for attachments, and any attachment flagged to be included will be sent out.


  • File attachments added to Method is not collated into its own table. There is no table you can loop through to find all the attachments in your account. Instead, a file attachment is associated to the specific record it is attached to. For example, you can attach a file to an invoice, and the attachment is associated only to that invoice.

  • If you wish to get the attachment URL for an attachment already associated with another record, you will need to use the action Loop Through Attachments.

  • As explained above, the URL for the document must be a direct link available to the public. Files stored on virtual drives such as Google Drive or Dropbox will not work because the shareable links they provide do not go to the file: it goes to a page which allows you to download the file.

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