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How to use Attachments in Method

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The attachments control allows Method users to attach one or more files to a record. There is a 50 mb/attachment limit and 10gb/account.

In the above example, you see two files have been attached. 

The email checkbox can be shown in case the screen has the option to send an email and the user wants to include the attachment in the email. 

For example, if you are viewing an estimate and wish to email it to the customer, any attachments attached to the estimate will only be emailed if the email checkbox is selected for the attachments.

Attachments Object Properties

When you select the attachments object, you will be able to configure its settings, however, it does not have any styles or events associated with it.


  • Caption: The text used to caption the control.

  • Load State: The initial state when the screen loads.

  • Attach to Email column is visible: This will place an email checkbox beside each file within the attachments control. When using the Send Email action, under Add an Attachment, you can specify this control and it will automatically include all the selected attachments to be sent in the email.

  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to its container. For more information, check out Styling Basics.


There are no style settings available for the attachments object.


There are no actions or events associated with the attachments object.


  • Changes made within the Attachments control are autosaved if there is a Screen Active Record ID set. As a result, a user could add an attachment, leave the screen without saving, and upon returning, the attachment will still be there.

  • Attachments will not work on Public pages at this time. Do not use this control for any public facing pages. Attachments will, however, work in customer portals (Guest pages).

  • Attachments are attached to the record, and not to a separate table. In order to find an attachment, you will need to Loop through the attachments on a specific record. There is no central repository to find all attachments.


  1. What type of files can I upload?
    Only the following file types can be uploaded:
    “.csv”, “.doc”, “.docx”, “.xls”, “.xlsx”, “.txt”, “.pdf”, “.rtf”, “.ppt”, “.pptx”, “.gif”, “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.png”, “.svg”, and “.bmp”.

  2. Is there a size limit?
    There is a 50 mb/attachment limit (10 gb/account). A notification will be sent if a file exceeds the size limit.

  3. Are changes made within the Attachments control automatically saved for me?
    If you have an active Record ID on screen, any changes made within the Attachments control are autosaved for you (If you upload a file, you don’t need to hit save for the document to save).

  4. Is this available on all Method Stock Apps?
    This is available in all Method stock apps, except for the Contacts app.

  5. Can I use attachments when I customize?

  6. Is there a place to find all attachments?
    No. The attachments are attached to a particular record in a table. For example, if you save an attachment while viewing an activity, the attachment is attached to the activity record you are viewing. In order to find an attachment, you will need to Loop through the attachments on a specific record. 

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