What is this beta program?

This beta app allows you to manage your time tracking entries from QuickBooks. It is available to Partners on request.

For active Partners only

Reminder some betas are available to active Method Partners only. There are eligibility requirements to become a Method Partner. Learn more about those requirements.

The Time Tracking App

The Time Tracking App lets you create and modify time tracking entries that sync with QuickBooks. 

When you create or edit a time tracking entry, you will be taken to the following screen:

For those on QuickBooks Online, you will not see Payroll Item. Payroll Item's are synced to and from QuickBooks Desktop only. 

From this screen, you can create / edit your time tracking entry. 


Due to the fact this is still in beta, the following features have not been implemented yet:

  • Time Tracking Approvals
  • Creating Invoices from Time Tracking entries

We hope to get more feedback on the app before implementing the above.

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