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Why can't I see my sent mail?

Email sent out from Method is not shown in your sent mail.

Updated over a week ago

Method can send out notification emails to your users, transaction and receipt emails to your customers, and even marketing emails. 

However, by default, any email sent out from Method will not be available in your sent box because Method isn't using your company's email sever to send the email out. Method does, however, keep track of open and click rates, which you can learn more about in our article View Sent Emails

Using Outlook for Outbound Mail

If your email settings are configured to use Outlook or Office 365 to send emails, you will also experience the inability to see sent email. Outlook/Office 365 blocks sent emails from being displayed if it was not sent from within their platform. This is a limitation we currently face with Outlook security.

Using Gmail for Outbound Mail

Currently, Gmail does not limit us from displaying sent email within their sent box. If you have properly configured your Gmail settings in Method, you should be able to see both sent and received emails in Gmail.

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