This article is for normal users of Method:CRM, not for Administrators. If you are an admin, please see our article Your Company Preferences.

Accessing your Account Settings

Your preferences are accessed by clicking the upper-right blue circle icon and then clicking Account Settings.

This will take you to your Account Settings menu where you will have access to a number of sections. 

Note, users with the Customizer permission set will also see the Tables & Fields settings.


Although you will be able to view the screen, a user without administrator permissions will be unable to make any changes to this screen.


  • Email Address: This field is the “from” email when you send an email out from Method:CRM. This is also where your internal email notifications are sent.
    Note: some customizations may override this for another email. 

  • Email Signature: The text input box, although not labeled, is your email signature and may be included in emails sent out from this user. The email signature is restricted to only 1000 characters.
    Note: not all email templates include the email signature.

  • Use company email settings:
    - When checked, you will use the outgoing email server as set up for your company.
    - When unchecked, you can specify a different outgoing email server to be used. Note that this will not allow you to receive email. Method:CRM is not an email client, and will not receive emails sent to you. For more information on this, please see our article Set Up Your Email Server.


This section details allows configuration for notification reminders sent out when an Activity assigned to them is coming due. 

Reminders can come via email and SMS. By default, email reminders are turned on and SMS reminders are turned off.

  • If you choose to deactivate email reminders, no email will be sent to remind this user of an upcoming activity.

  • If you choose to activate SMS reminders, you’ll need to provide your mobile phone number and provider. Your provider might charge you for incoming texts from Method, depending on your personal plan.

Selecting “Other” as your provider will give you the ability to manually enter your SMS gateway domain. Use this functionality if you’re experiencing issues with our preset providers. 

SMS gateway domains differ between providers; the formatting is as follows: [your phone number]@[gateway domain].

Example: ""

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