As an administrator, you can set up display defaults in your Method:CRM account. Navigate via Account Settings > Notifications.

For more information on notifications as a regular user, consult our article Your Account Settings

NOTE: You can make changes to any of these settings, but it is not recommended since we’ve optimized this system to work efficiently out-of-the-box.


Company settings

The Company section for Notifications lets you enable or disable the email reminders feature company-wide. (You will still have to enable email reminders on an individual user basis).

  • Field signifying which user receives reminders - This is in reference to the activities table. The default is the AssignedTo field.

  • Field signifying reminder due date - This is in reference to the activities table. It specifies which one of the many date fields should be used as the due date reminder. The default is the DueDateStart field.

  • Reminders open the following screen - In the reminder will be a url which will open directly the screen set here. The default is the New / Edit Activity screen.

  • Reminder Email Subject - The subject for the notification email. Default is:[Company.CompanyName] Reminder for Activity for '{Activity.Entity}'

  • Remind Email Body - The email body which will be sent out.

  • Remind SMS - The SMS text for the notification. Default is:
    Activity: {Activity.ActivityType} for '{Activity.Entity}' is due at {Activity.DueDateStart,'ReminderTimeFormat'} {MiURL} ({MiURL Mobile}). 

Once you have enabled or disabled your reminders, click Save to save these new settings.

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