The Work Orders Preferences screen can be accessed from your Method:CRM dashboard by clicking the vertical ellipsis ( ) on your Work Orders App and selecting Preferences.

On the Work Order Preferences screen, the defaults have been separated into

General Preferences

  • Default Service Item - When creating a work order, you can have a default service item automatically added to the work order.

  • Print Template - The print template used for printing out a work order.

  • Route List Template - The template used when printing out a route list from a number of work orders.

  • Internal Email Template - The email template used to notify a Method User they've been assigned to a work order.

Mapping Preferences

  • Default Starting Address - This is used when generating a route map.

  • Default Ending Address - This is used when generating a route map.

For users with Manage App permissions, a grid is also available which will allow you to edit the default starting and ending addresses for each Method user as shown in the below image.

Click the Save & Back button to save your preferences.

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