As an administrator, you can set up display defaults in your Method account. Navigate via Account Settings > Display.

The display preferences page is divided into three sub-sections.

Company Settings

This section allows you to upload a company logo, which will appear on reports and in portals. The logo can be no more than 400x48 pixels, but Method supports most graphic file formats (e.g .jpg, .bmp). You may: 

  • upload an image from your computer
  • link from a website 
  • remove the existing image

For more information, please see our article Upload Your Company Logo.

Date Formats

This is where you can choose your preferred date and time formats. These presets will determine how dates and times appear throughout Method.

For more information on Time Zones, please see "How are Time Zones set in Method?"

Number Formats

Here, you can choose how negative values appear throughout Method:

  • with a minus symbol: -99.99
  • in parentheses: (99.99)

You can also choose whether or not to use a thousands separator (e.g. 1,000 vs. 1000).


This enables the Contacts Search magnifying glass at the top of the screen. 

Please see our Dashboard article for more information.

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