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Account Settings: Subscriptions

As an admin, change your Method subscriptions

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Admin permission is required to access the Subscription settings.

As an administrator, you can make changes to your Method subscriptions. Navigate via Account Settings โ†’ Subscriptions.


When you are in your trial, you will see the following screen when you first go into your subscription settings:

The following buttons and links are available to you:

  • Subscribe Today: You will see the remaining days you have left in your trial. Selecting the button will take you to our payment page with frequently asked questions.

  • Cancel Account: If you no longer need your account, you can cancel it here. For more information, please see our article Cancelling Your Method Account.

  • Update Company Information: This will take you to our Method Customer Portal where you can view your past invoices, cases, and update your company information.

  • Invite Users: For more information on inviting users, please see our article Adding New Users.

  • Get More Apps: For more information on adding new apps, please see our article Install Packs and Apps.

By selecting an app, you can change the which users have access to that pack. This is similar to adding users when you Install packs and apps.

Your Portal: View Invoices and Receipts

To view your past and current transactions with Method, you can log into your customer portal by clicking Update Company Information.

NOTE: Only users set as a Billing contact can access this information. If you do not have the ability to access the portal, please contact our support staff.

You will be asked to sign into your portal, via a one-time code sent into your email.

Once in, you can find your invoices and receipts by checking your transaction history:

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