The Time Zone can be set on a company-wide basis, or on a personal basis. This article will discuss how the time zone is set and what it affects.

Setting the Company Default Time Zone 

When you set the Company Default Time Zone, this affects all apps and all users (who don't override it). Read the next section on what can override this default. 

To set the company time zone:

1. Navigate to the preferences icon in the upper left and select Account Settings.

2. Select Display

3. Scroll down to find Company Default Time Zone and set your time zone there.

Setting the Time Zone for a Method User

Each Method user can set their own Time Zone. When doing so, this overrides the company time zone for only the following areas:

  • Method and its apps
  • Method on mobile, both on the Method Native App and on the browser
  • Outlook Gadget
  • Gmail Gadget

However, there are two areas that the personal time zone does not override:

  • Customer Portal - The portal will use the time zone as set in the company default
  • Public Pages - Web to lead forms, and any page made publicly available to the internet will use the company's time zone.

A user can set their time zone by:

1. Navigate to the preferences icon in the upper left and select User Profile.

2. On the Profile page, you can set the Time Zone as shown in the below image.

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