When you have created and sent your proposal to a customer, the proposal will be updated to show pertinent details and its status.

  1. More Actions: There are a number of actions available to you when editing a proposal. Some of these options will only appear depending on the status of the proposal.

    • Active Engagement: When a proposal is still in draft, you can manually set it to an active engagement.

    • Send to Customer: Re-send the proposal to the customer.

    • Take Payment: If there is an invoice associated with this proposal, you can take a payment for it.

    • View Acceptance: View what the customer sees in their portal.

    • View Engagement Letter: This will show the engagement letter generated from the proposal in a PDF file.

  2. Change Status: There are four states a proposal can be in. Other than the Sent status, you can manually set this.

    • Sent - Automatically set when you send the proposal.

    • Active Engagement - Automatically set if the customer accepts the proposal.

    • Completed - Can be set when the proposal is completed.

    • Rejected - Can be set when the proposal is rejected.

  3. Edit Proposal: When you edit the proposal, it will return to a draft state and the proposal will need to be resent again. 

  4. Status: The current status of the proposal. 

  5. App Ribbons: This will show the interactions, invoices, and payments associated with the proposal. 

  6. Proposal Information: Information specific to this proposal. 

  7. Auto Paid?: This checkbox will automatically charge the customer for each invoice generated, in other words, this is for recurring payments. In order for this option to show:

    • The Customer's payment information must be saved. This can be captured from payment on acceptance or from a previous proposal. You can set up Payment Required to Accept in Proposal App's Preferences.

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