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Editing your payment method for a Proposal
Editing your payment method for a Proposal

How to change a proposal's payment method via your customer portal.

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Your customer portal allows you access to your personal details as well as transactions you may have with the company you are doing business with.

If you currently have a service engagement and your credit card has expired, you can add a new one.

To access your portal, click on the button as indicated by the email sent you:

This will take you to the sign-in for your customer portal.

Note that the colour scheme and business company will be different depending on company providing the service to you.

You will be required to authenticate your identity. Once you log in, you will be presented with your portal dashboard. Click on View Agreement to open it up.

Your proposal will appear with your Payment Information details at the bottom.

Clicking the โœŽ Edit button will reveal a dropdown where you can select between different payment methods:

To add additional payment methods, click Add new payment method. This will warn you that Adding a new payment method will require pre-authorization, resulting in a temporary $1 hold on the card until pre-authorization is complete.

After you click OK, you will be presented with the screen to enter in your new payment details:

Once complete, your payment details will be updated. Thank you!

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