Proposals App Preferences
Preferences for the Proposals app.
Updated over a week ago

The Proposals Preferences screen can be accessed from your dashboard by clicking on the vertical ellipsis [ ] on your Proposals App and selecting Preferences.

The preferences screen allows you to set notification templates, email templates, and requiring payments.

  • Internal Email Notification Template: the template used for the notification email sent to the Method User assigned to the proposal.

  • Customer Email Notification Template: the template for the email sent out to contacts when a payment is entered (unless the contact is flagged to opt out of billing emails).

  • Engagement Letter PDF: The template to use for the engagement letter. At the moment, this can only be changed via customization.

  • Terms Engagement Letter Template: The template to use for the terms.

  • Payment Required to Accept?: If checked, a banner will appear stating the "Payment Gateway is not setup." Uncheck to allow acceptance without payment.

Note: For the notification templates, you can create your own custom notification templates using Email Templates App.

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