The Proposals App Beta program will automate the process of getting your customers to receive and accept engagement letters.

This app is currently in beta and not yet ready for public release. Please contact our support staff to see how to be involved in the Method:Proposals Beta program.

In this article, we will cover:

Create a Proposal

To create a proposal, you can either select ⊕ New on the Proposals app, or click ⊕ New on the Proposals app ribbon when viewing a contact. 

This will take you to the New / Edit Proposals screen which will guide you through four steps to prepare and send your proposal:

At the top of the screen are two buttons. 

  • Actions - At this point, there will be only one option: Clear & New. More options will appear when editing the proposal.

  • Save - Save the proposal in draft format. You can always come back later to edit the proposal.

And the bottom of the screen, there is one button:

  • Next - Advance to the next step.

New Proposal - General

On the first screen, shown in the previous section, you set up the details and the recurrence of your proposal.

  • Proposal Name - given name for the proposal to identify it in the proposals list.

  • Customer - The customer synced from QuickBooks who will be invoiced.

  • Contact - The related contact to the customer who will receive the email and approve of the proposal. 

  • Assigned To - The Method user who is assigned to this proposal. 

  • Terms - The terms given for paying the invoice. 

  • Start Date - When the agreement with the customer will start.

  • End Date - When the agreement will end.

  • Recurrence Frequency - How often the customer will be billed. At the moment, there is only one option, which is Monthly

  • Recurring Day of Month - The day in the month the recurring invoice will be sent out. Selecting Last Day of Month will send the invoice out on the last day of the month.

New Proposal - Services

The Services screen lets you select the services you will provide to the customer. Each can have a different billing types, depending on the service provided.

These services are synced from the Products and Services you specified within QuickBooks Online. For those on QuickBooks Desktop, it's pulled from your Items list.

When a service is selected, you can edit the service. 

  • Billing Type:

    • When Accepted - Customer is invoiced when they accept the proposal.

    • Recurring - Customer is invoiced on a recurring basis as defined earlier.

    • Not Invoiced - Customer is not invoiced.

    • When Completed - Customer is invoiced when you set the proposal to completed.

  • Quantity

  • Rate

  • Tax

Once a service is saved by clicking Save Service, you have the option to add more services by clicking ⊕ Add Service

When you have finished choosing your services, click the Next button to continue.

New Proposal - Terms

The Terms screen lets you select an Engagement Letter template. There is a sample template which you can use, however, you can create your own template by clicking in the dropdown field the Add / Edit Template link. 

If you do create your own template, make sure to utilize the following merge fields:

  • Proposal.ContactsName

  • Proposal.Customer 

  • Proposals.ServiceSummary

  • Proposals.ServicePriceSummary

  • Proposal.StartDate

  • Proposal.EndDate

  • Company.CompanyName

New Proposal - Send

On this final screen, you can review the proposal you are about to send. An email will be sent out to your contact, and you have the option to add a personalized message to the email.

When you are happy with the proposal, select Send. You will be shown the email that will be sent before sending it off. If the customer is happy with the proposal, they can accept it, via a private customer portal which is sent to them in the email. They can also immediately pay the invoice if you have your payment gateway set up.

If you do not need the customer's approval and wish to activate the proposal without sending an email, expand the Actions button and select Activate Engagement.

Your proposal has now been created.

NOTE: For recurring invoices, you can also have recurring payment. For more information, please see our article on how to Edit a Proposal.

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