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Keep multiple revisions of your App Routine.

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After your app routine is published, you may need to make updates or improvements to the app routine. However, after an app routine is published, it can no longer be edited. You could create a new app routine, but, if you don't need to change the input or output, you can always create a new revision.

This can be done by creating a new draft, and then publishing that draft as the new revision.

NOTE: If you want to change the input or the output, you will need to make a new copy, not a revision.

What's the difference? A copy is a brand new app routine. You will need to manually replace it in action sets or create a new schedule for it.

A revision, on the other hand, is still the same App Routine. When you publish the new version, it will run instead of the old version in any action set or schedule that calls it.

Create a New App Routine Revision

Once your app routine is published, you will have the option to create a new draft from the More Actions button on the App Routine's settings page:

When you select the Create Draft option, you will be immediately taken to your new draft where you have the option to Edit Draft Actions:

You can also View Published Actions of the live version from here as well. Remember, you cannot change the inputs or the outputs when creating a new revision of an app routine. You will need to create a new copy of the app routine if you wish to change the inputs / outputs.

Once you have finished modifying the actions for this new revision, the More Actions button has one more option to choose:

This allows you to delete the draft you just created.

NOTE: You cannot delete an app routine. You can only set it to inactive by selecting the Edit button beside the General header.

You can also publish and delete a draft in the Revisions page when you See All Revisions:

Once you publish your new draft, the previous revision will be set to an archived status.

If you were to make more drafts and publish them, you will be able to switch between any archived version. 

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