App Routines - Scheduling

How to schedule a published App Routine.

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Once you've created and published an App Routine, you can set that app routine to repeatedly run based on a schedule you set.

If you schedule an App Routine, however, it cannot have any outputs defined.

NOTE: The time zone used for the scheduled app routine is the user's timezone if available. If not available, then the account's timezone is used. If the account's timezone is not available, it defaults to Eastern timezone.

Scheduling an App Routine

When you are viewing the settings of your App Routine, the More Actions button has an option to set a Schedule for the App Routine.

This will take you to a screen where you can set up the schedule for the app routine.


With Schedule, you can choose how often you wish to the app routine to run:

  • Not Scheduled

  • Daily

  • Every Weekday

  • Weekly on Monday

  • Weekly on Tuesday

  • Weekly on Wednesday

  • Weekly on Thursday

  • Weekly on Friday

  • Weekly on Saturday

  • Weekly on Sunday

Time Block

With Time Block, you can set a time period when the app routine will run. Time blocks are separated into two hour chunks. The app routine will run within that two hour time frame. 

Action Result Inputs

If your action result requires an input, you can set that under Action Result Inputs.

Saving your Scheduled App Routine

When you save the schedule, you will be able to view this from the App Routine List for your app.

As you can see from the above image, the My Routine has a calendar icon beside it and when you hover over it, how often it will run is shown.

App Routine Background Queue

When you have created a few app routines, or have installed apps that utilize app routines, you will be able to view the routine schedule in your Account Settings. For more information, see Account Settings: App Routines.

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