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Account Settings: App Routines
Account Settings: App Routines

Admin users can view and schedule app routines defined in their account.

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Admin permissions is required to configure the customer portal settings.

As an administrator, you can schedule and manage routines that run in the background in your Method account. Navigate via Account Settings App Routines.

Note: Creating App Routines is available on every Method account, however, knowledge of customization is required. Please see our articles on App Routines for more information.

When you view the App Routines page, you are presented with two choices. You are able to:

Note: The time zone used for the scheduled app routine is the user's timezone if available. If not available, then the account's timezone is used. If the account's timezone is not available, it defaults to Eastern timezone.

View Running, Queued, and Completed Routines

Selecting View routines brings up a log of the run status of any app routine. An app routine will show up in this list if:

  • The app routine is scheduled to run

  • The app routine is executed using a call routine action, and the Wait for the App Routine to finish before continuing checkbox is unchecked.

Selecting the All history ∨ filter view allows you to filter the grid by:

  • All history

  • Queued

  • In progress

  • Completed

  • Failed

When you click a row in the grid, you will bring up a detailed view of the status of the app routine.

The details show the following information:

  • Routine - Selecting this will bring you to the app routine in its app.

  • Status - Queued, In progress, Completed, or Failed

  • User

  • Added via - Scheduled or Screen (if executed via a call routine action)

  • Date added

  • Date started

  • Date completed

  • Time run

  • Schedule - Selecting this will allow you to edit the schedule

  • Outputs (not shown) - Normally, a scheduled app routine will not have an output since it cannot be used anywhere. However, if you do have an output result for your app routine, it will show up here.

View Routine Schedules

Selecting View routine schedules brings up a grid all of the published app routines in your account that have been scheduled to run automatically at a given time.

The list will show the following details of your app routine:

  • Name - The name given to the app routine.

  • Description - The description given to the app routine.

  • App - The app the routine was defined in.

  • Frequency - How often the app routine will run.

  • Next Run Date - When the app routine will be executed next.

Clicking the vertical ellipsis [] brings up a dropdown menu:

  • Go to App Routine - This will take you to the app routine within the app its defined in.

  • Edit schedule - Change how often the app routines runs.

  • Pause - This will stop the app routine from running until you resume it again.

  • Resume (not shown) - This will resume the app routine if it was paused.

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