Work Order Reports

Visualize and track your work orders.

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The Work Order Reports tracks what work orders your account is creating, allowing you to see where you and your staff are spending the most time on.

To get to the Work Order Reports, click the vertical ellipses [] on your Work Orders App and choose Reports.

This will take you to the Work Orders Reports screen. There are two types of reports you can get: visible Charts and Print Reports. These will be explained below.

Filter Criteria

For both Report types, whether Charts or Print Reports, you will be able to filter the results based on:

  • Status Type: Filter the report to only show work orders of a specific status type:

    • All

    • Pending

    • Completed

    • Cancelled 

  • User:

    • Shared: Filter the report to show work orders from or all users who have shared their information with you.

    • Assigned To: Show work orders assigned to a specific user. When selected, a dropdown menu appears to select a Method User.

  • Invoice Type:

    • All: Show work orders regardless of Invoice type.

    • Specific Invoice Type: Filter the report to only show work orders of a specific invoice type. When selected, a dropdown menu appears to select one of the following options:

      • To be invoiced

      • Do not invoice

      • Invoiced

  • Range: Filter the report to only show work orders within a specified date range.


This screen shows you an overview of your work orders via seven charts.

  • Subtotal by Month

  • Work orders by Status

  • Work Orders by Assigned To

  • Subtotal by Job Item

  • Work Orders by Invoice Type

  • Subtotal by Assigned To

  • Job Item Quantity

By selecting any individual chart element, a grid will show up at the bottom with the work orders that make up that element.

For example, the Pool Maintentance bar was selected in the below chart of Job Item Quantity. A grid will list out the two work orders that make up that bar. Selecting any work order in that grid will take you to that work order.

Print Reports

The Work Orders Reports page also allows you to create printable reports via a PDF document. You can also export the results to Excel if you expand the dropdown for the Print Preview button.

  • Work Orders List

  • Work Orders with Instructions

  • Work Orders By Assigned To

  • Work Orders By Customer

  • Work Orders By Status

  • Work Orders By Invoice Type

NOTE: For print options, a PDF file will show in a new window. If a new window does not appear, pop-ups may be blocked. Pop-ups must be enabled for Method on your browser to show the PDF. For more information, see our article "Cannot Print Transactions or Reports".

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