When you open up the Work Orders app, you will be taken to a list of your work orders. 

Above the grid, you can specify a Date Range.

You can either see all of your work orders of All Time, or Within a Date Range.

  • By day: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

  • By week: This Week, Last Week, Next Week

  • By month: This Month, Last Month, Next Month

  • Custom: Specify your own date range.

Below that, you can further filter your date range choice by the standard Filter Views. Note that a "Shared" view will include work orders you have permission to see.

  • My Work Orders: Work orders assigned to the user signed in.

  • My Open Work Orders: Work orders assigned to the signed-in user that are open.

  • Shared Open Work Orders: All work orders not "Completed" or in a "Waiting" status.

  • Shared Work Order Waiting List: All work orders with the keyword "Waiting" in its status.

  • Shared Completed Work Orders: All work orders that have a "Completed" status.

  • Shared Work Orders To be Invoiced: All "Completed" work orders where its Invoice Type has been set to "To be invoiced".

  • Shared Recurrence Schedules: View all the schedules for recurring work orders.

  • Shared All Work Orders: View all work orders regardless of status.

Filter View Overview

The work order filter views are based on the status of the work orders and split into two types:

  • My - Work orders that are assigned to you

  • Shared - Work orders that are assigned to someone else and you have permission to see.

A work order is considered:

  • Open if its status is:

    • Not Started

    • In Progress

    • Deferred

    • Delayed

  • Complete if its status is Completed.

  • Waiting list when the word "Waiting" is anywhere in the status.

  • To Be Invoiced when the work order is "Completed" and its Invoice Type is set to To be invoiced.

  • Recurrence Schedules when its the parent of a recurring job.

Note that work orders with a status of Cancelled will only show up when displaying a view filter that shows All work orders.

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