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How to search and filter the work order list.

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When you open up the Work Orders app, you will be taken to a list of your work orders. 

Filter by Date Range

Above the grid, you can specify a Date Range.

Date ranges available are:

  • All Time: All your work orders.

  • By day: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

  • By week: This Week, Last Week, Next Week

  • By month: This Month, Last Month, Next Month

  • Custom: Specify your own date range.

Filter Views

Below that, you can further filter your date range choice by the standard Filter Views. The work order filter views are split into two types:

  • My - Work orders that are assigned to you

  • Shared - Work orders that are assigned to someone else and you have permission to see.Note that a "Shared" view will include work orders you have permission to see.

  • My Work Orders: All work orders assigned to the user signed in.

  • (My / Shared) Open Work Orders: Work orders that has a status of:

    • Not Started

    • In Progress

    • Deferred

    • Delayed

  • Shared Work Order Waiting List: All work orders with the keyword "Waiting" contained in its status.

  • Shared Completed Work Orders: All work orders that has a "Completed" status.

  • Shared Work Orders To be Invoiced: All "Completed" work orders where its Invoice Type has been set to "To be invoiced".

  • Shared All Work Orders: View all work orders regardless of status.

  • Shared Recurrence Schedules: View all the schedules for recurring work orders.

NOTE: Work orders with a status of Cancelled will only show up when displaying a view filter that shows All work orders.

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