Invoice a Work Order

How to convert Work Orders into Invoices

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Once a work order is complete, you can convert that work order into an invoice for your customer in the Work Orders app. 

To invoice multiple work orders, please see our article "Batch Actions - Invoice Multiple Work Orders".

Invoice an Individual Work Order

  1. Open up the Work Orders app.

  2. Select the Date Range, and change the filter view to Shared Work Orders To Be Invoiced.

  3. Select the Work Order you wish to invoice from the list.

  4. Scroll down and click the Create Invoice button.

  5. You will be taken to a new screen to select the preferences for the invoice(s) as shown further below.

Invoice Preferences to Create Invoices

  • AR Account: Select the AR account you want for the Invoice.

  • Invoice Date: This will be the date for all created invoices.

  • Wait before syncing to QuickBooks - If checked, the invoices will not be sent to QuickBooks and remain within Method.

Once Create Invoice is clicked, a notification pops up telling you how many invoices were created and you will be taken to the edit invoice screen:

Note on the App Ribbons along the right, you will see the associated work order for this invoice.

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