Once work orders are complete, you can convert them into invoices for your customer in the Work Orders app. 

Invoice Multiple Work Orders

If you want to invoice multiple work orders, check each of them in the Work Order List

Click the arrow to show the dropdown menu for the Batch Actions button, and click Invoice Selected

Method:CRM will create an invoice for each work order selected. Note, however, only one invoice will be created for work orders that have the same customer:

In the above image, four work orders have been selected, however, they are from two different customers. Two invoices are going to be created from the four work orders.

Once you select ok, you will be taken to a new screen to select the preferences for the invoice(s).

Invoice Preferences to Create Invoices

  • Invoice Date - This will be the date for all created invoices.

  • Wait before syncing to QuickBooks - If checked, the invoices will not be sent to QuickBooks and remain within Method:CRM.

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