Batch Actions - Update Work Orders

How to make edits to multiple work orders at once

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With the Batch Actions dropdown, you can do apply an action to work orders selected via the checkbox column

  • Route Selected: Create an optimized route for the selected work orders.

  • Update Selected: Update the selected work orders (this article).

  • Invoice Selected: Invoice the selected work orders.

In this article, we will cover how to Update the selected work orders.

When the Update Selected option is clicked, a notification will appear verifying the work orders that will be updated:

Clicking OK will take you to the next screen where the work orders you selected will be displayed on a grid, and you will have the option to update four fields:

  • Move to Date: Change the date of the selected work orders.

  • Reassign To: Change the user assigned to the work orders.

  • Update Status To: Change the status of the work order.

  • Update Invoice Type To: Change the Invoice type of the work order.

In order to change a field, you will need to:

  • Check the the checkbox related to the field you wish to change.

  • Set the new value in the date field or dropdown field.

  • Click the button Update Work Orders.

For example, to update all the work orders so their status is Completed, you will enable the Update Status To checkbox, and then selected Completed in the dropdown. Then, click the Update Work Orders button.

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