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Batch Actions - Create an Optimized Route for Work Orders
Batch Actions - Create an Optimized Route for Work Orders

How to create an optimized route list

Updated over a week ago

With the Batch Actions dropdown, you can do apply an action to work orders selected via the checkbox column

  • Route Selected: Create an optimized route for the selected work orders (this article).

  • Update Selected: Update the selected work orders.

  • Invoice Selected: Invoice the selected work orders.

The Work Orders app has a routing feature that can help you optimize zone-based service schedules. In this article, we will cover how to Route Selected work orders.

NOTE: This feature is not available on mobile devices at this time.


Before you generate your first route, you should assign default starting and ending address for your routes from the Work Order Preferences screen.

Each Method user can have their own starting and ending addresses. If not set, the start and end address will default to the company settings.

Routing Criteria

Jobs that are ready to be routed will be listed in the grid when you set Date Range to the current day and the filter view to Shared Work Order Waiting List.

However, before you select the work orders to route, keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Scheduled for Today: Work orders must be scheduled for the current day because the list of stops may change up until the day of.

  • Assigned To is the same user: A route can only be created for one Assigned To at a time. Multiple Assigned To’s could lead to competing start and end addresses.

  • Status must contain the word 'Wait': Otherwise it may lead to wrongfully dispatching a work order.

NOTE: If you choose a work order that doesn't fit the above criteria, an error will occur when you try to route the work orders.

Route Work Orders

Select the work orders you wish to route by clicking on the checkboxes in the list. 

NOTE: The maximum number of work orders you can add to a route is 30.

Then, within the Batch Actions dropdown button, click on Route Selected to view them on a map.

NOTE: The route is optimized based on Mapbox Optimization API. It takes into consideration:

  • Routing for distance & travel times (live traffic not considered).

  • Preference for highways.

Confirm Route

Once you click Route Selected, you are taken to a new screen with a list of the work orders and a routed map as shown in the example image below:

The Confirm Actions [] dropdown button has the following options:

  • Confirm Route Order:

    • Work Order status changed to ‘Not Started’ to remove from Waitlist.

    • Copies job items into the work order if it is an occurrence of a series.

    • Calculates total amount for the work orders.

  • Confirm & Print:

    • Confirms Route Order.

    • Prints template as indicated in Work Order Preferences.

  • Confirm & Email:

    • Confirms Route Order.

    • Send an email to the Assigned To user a link to the that will open the route list in the Field Crew app, as well as a PDF of the route list.

NOTE: For print options, a PDF file will show in a new window. If a new window does not appear, pop-ups may be blocked. Pop-ups must be enabled for Method on your browser to show the PDF. For more information, see our article "Cannot Print Transactions or Reports".

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