Connect Authorize.Net

How to connect Authorize.Net

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This article covers how to set up Authorize.Net as a payment gateway in Method. Authorize.Net can process payments via credits cards, ACH, and PayPal accounts.

If the following process does not match your account, then you are on a deprecated version of payment gateways. Please contact our support staff to upgrade your account.

NOTE: Method uses OAuth Authentication to connect your account. This means an API Transaction Key is not required for the use of Payment with Method &

Connect Authorize.Net in Method

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper right and click Integrations.

  2. On the Integrations page, click Payment Gateways. This will take you to the Payment Gateway screen.

  3. On the Payment Gateways screen, click the Create a payment gateway button.

  4. A pop-up to Configure payment gateways appears. Select your Country, and then click Authorize.Net from the list.

  5. Depending on the gateway you selected, you will be asked to Connect to the gateway. Click the Connect Authorize.Net button to continue. In the below example, Authorize.Net was selected.

  6. A separate browser window will pop up and you will need to go through the authentication details for Authorize.Net.

  7. Log in and Allow permissions.

  8. The original browser window will update to show you are connected. Select the checkboxes you want enabled.

    • Enable PayPal: Only enable if you have PayPal enabled within Authorize.Net (Under Digital Payments Solutions). Otherwise, you will get an error.

    • Enable ACH: Enables ACH as an option for this payment gateway.

    • Require Address (AVS): If your Authorize.Net account has AVS (Address Verification) enabled, then you must select Require Address (AVS). If you do not, address fields will not be available when making a payment and the following error will occur on submission of payment

      Sorry, but your payment was declined (There is one
      or more missing or invalid required fields.(code: E00027)).
      Please correct your details and retry.
    • Require CVC: Only check this if you have Card Code required in your settings. If Card Code is set to required, then your customers stored payments will not be able to be processed without the 3 or 4 digit card code and will fail if attempted to process payment without the required details. If you uncheck "Require CVC", follow the steps in this link to remove the requirement from Authorize.Net.
      NOTE: Unchecking this does not mean customers will not have to enter their card code. They will still need to enter this in, but for payments using the saved card details, it will not be required.

Configure Webhooks

Before hitting save, note the message Webhooks not configured. Although this does not impact your ability to process payments, it does provide more features. To remove this message, you will need to add a Webhooks Signature Key.

  1. Click the blue link which says Webhooks Signature Key Instructions.

  2. Follow the Webhooks Signature Key Instructions to generate a Signature Key. Copy that key, and then paste it into the field right under the instructions.

  3. Click Save.

  4. You will be shown a prompt telling you our setup is complete. Click the "x" to exit the configuration. 

  5. Authorize.Net has been added! At the top, it will indicate your payment gateway is connected.

  6. If you need to edit your configuration, scroll down and select View payment gateway configurations.

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