Display a Report Image in Method

How to display an image from a report created in the web report designer and display it on a Method screen.

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If you have created a report with the Web Report Designer, you can generate the report as an image and display it on a Method screen.

This article will assume you have a report already created that you wish to display on screen. For the below scenario, I have created a report that only displays a bar chart of activity types, and how to create this report will not be covered.

Furthermore, the Method screen will display the report image when a user navigates to the screen, so the actions will be placed into the screen's Focus event.

1. Customize the Method screen you wish to display the image.

2. Drag a Text label onto the screen where you want to put the image. Name this text label "DisplayReport". It doesn't really matter what you label this, since it will be overwritten with the HTML code to show the image.

3. Click the page icon in the properties panel to enter the Screen's properties and click the Focus Event under the Actions section.

4. Add a Generate Report action, and select the report you want to show. Fill in the section to Filter the report with the date you want shown in the report.

5. Under Report Options, set the following to generate a PNG image:

  • Filter safeguard: Always generate

  • Report type: PNG

  • Display report on generation: Uncheck this option

  • Store report in: Action result - resultPNGURL

6. Add another action: Character functions.

7. Configure the Character functions action as shown below:

  • Select a function: Join

  • Join this: Text - <img src="
    โ€‹(Yes, include the one quotation mark)

  • With this: Select the action result - resultPNGURL

  • โŠ• Add another join: Text - " width="100%"/>

  • Store result in: Select the control - DisplayReport

Your actions are done. The final action set should only have two actions:

The image should now display on your screen. If you wish to create a refresh button, you would only need to use a Call Routine action to call the Focus event of the screen.

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