Change the filename of a transaction print report

Print reports for transactions or work orders have a set filename, but it can be altered by the report name.

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When printing out a transaction, like an invoice, or an estimate, the resulting .pdf file will have a filename similar to:

printable invoice qbo-18c38e4f-87ea-4c89-bcd0-276194c842e1.pdf

Although you are unable to change the random string of characters at the end, you can change the report name at the beginning.

In this article, we will show how to alter the report name by using an example where we append the Record ID to the report name when printing out an invoice.

Note: Knowledge of Method customization is required in order to implement this solution.

Customize the Generate Report Action

As an example, the below scenario will demonstrate the customization on the New / Edit Invoice screen.

  1. Customize the screen with the button that will print the report. If this is a stock screen, you will need to create a copy of the screen.

  2. Select the Click Event for the Print button.

  3. Right before the Generate Report action, click the Add action below โŠ• icon. This will add an action above the Generate Report action.

  4. The function Join should be selected by default. For Join this, type in the text Invoice- (or use any name you wish for your print report).

  5. For With this, we are going to append the RecordID of the invoice. In the dropdown, select the RecordID. There are a number of them, so make sure you select the correct one.

  6. The result needs to be saved in an Action Result. Type in a name for your action result, and then when it pops up with the word (New) beside it, click it to define it.

  7. Select the Generate Report action to bring up its properties. (Note that I added an internal note to the Character Functions action, although I didn't specify you to do so. You SHOULD do so, because it's helpful.)

  8. Within the Generate Report action, change the Report Name (option) dropdown to the Action Result you specified in Step 7.

  9. Close the action list, and then close the screen.

You are done! Now, when you print out your transaction report, it will have your custom filename.

In our example, the file starts with "Invoice - 5", which is the custom name I gave it, along with RecordID.

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