This action works much like Assign Value to Action Result, only a Shared Result can be used anywhere in Method - not just in the control it's assigned to! 

  • Assign the value: This is a value you wish to temporarily store in memory. This value can be manually typed in, or retrieved from Method itself.
  • Give it a name: This is name you will give the action result so it can be referenced later on.

With this action, you can add more shared results to set with + Add another action result.

Shared Result Considerations

Shared results should be used sparingly. In most cases, it is not suitable for use due to its difficulty to debug and maintain.

  • Be descriptive when naming shared resultsi.e. "result" is not helpful but "resultContactName" is.
  • Unlike action results, in order to reference the shared result you need to manually ¬†type in its name.
  • Because shared results can be referenced from anywhere, there is no easy way to determine its source.
  • Because shared results are saved throughout the session, it may require manual clearing.
  • Although there is no character limit for a shared result, there is a maximum of 10,000 characters that can be displayed using the action Show message.

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