The Call Another Action Set action is used to run the actions of another control. 

This is commonly used so as not to duplicate the same actions in different controls.

Example: Imagine four buttons that can save a record:

  • Save¬†
  • Save and return
  • Save and new
  • Duplicate Save button at the top of the screen

All of these buttons have the same actions except for minor differences. You can put the common save actions in the first button, and then use Call Another Action Set from the other three buttons with additional actions to handle their special cases. This way, if there is any change to the core save process, you will only need to update it in one place.

  • Select An Action Set: select a control with the action set you wish to call. The event will be listed in brackets
  • Jump to this action set: this will take the user to the control with the action set
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