Scheduling follow-ups is a great way to ensure you keep in touch with your contacts, whether your next interaction is the following day or months down the line.

When you create a follow-up activity, all the comments from the original activity are visible on the follow-up. Here's an example of why this is helpful.

  • You conduct a meeting with customer Bob Crenshaw, then log it in Method:CRM as an activity.

  • In the Comments you note the meeting was to discuss terms of a sale.

  • You schedule a follow-up phone call a week after the meeting.

  • Once you’ve saved the follow-up, the comments from the meeting can be seen in the follow-up by any assigned user, so whoever talks to Bob has context for their phone conversation.

The following steps will show you how to schedule a follow-up in the Activities App.

Schedule a Follow-Up

1. From the New/Edit Activity screen, click Create a Follow-up Activity.

2. A number of fields will pop up, needed to define the follow-up.

  • Follow-up Contact: By default, the follow-up contact is the same as the activity's contact, if one was selected. 

  • Follow-up Assigned To: You can assign a follow-up to a different Method:CRM user than the original activity. If you do, that user will receive a notification email.

  • Fill in the activity for the Follow-up Status, Type, and Start Date & Time. If the follow-up type is a Meeting, include an End Date & Time.

  • Follow-up Comments: Comments for this follow-up

When you hit Save, two activities will be created! The first activity is the original, and the second activity will be the follow-up.

Furthermore, the follow-up activity will be associated with the original activity, and the comments from the original activity are visible in the follow-up.

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