As an administrator, you can set up your email delivery server in your Method account. Navigate via Account Settings Email.

NOTE: You will require admin permissions in order to make these changes.

You can:

Use Method to send emails for you

Each Method account allows up to 5000 emails per month to be sent out from our Method Email Server.

Paid subscribers are allowed to send 5000 free emails per month, sent out from our Method Email Server. This will be reset on your billing period and is displayed under Emails sent this month.

Note: During your trial period, you can only send up to 100 emails until you are a paid subscriber.

If you need to send more email, you can enable a paid tier for $0.0009 per additional email after consuming your allocated free Method Emails. You must be subscribed to Method to enable this paid tier.

For the majority of Method accounts, it is recommended to stay with the default and use Method's email server.

You can see further analytics on the email sent from Method by clicking View all emails sent. For more information, see our article, "View Sent Emails."

Configure a different email delivery server

If you'd prefer to use another email server, this article will show you how to set up a default email server for everyone in your Method account.

NOTE: There may be a situation where you need to set up a different email server for an individual user rather than the one already defined in the company settings. For this setup, please see our article "Your User Profile".

1. Within Account Settings Email, beside Email delivery provider, uncheck the checkbox to Use Method's server to deliver emails for you (recommended)

2. Unchecking the box will show fields to set up your email server. Enter in your authentication credentials for your email server. In the below example, Outlook is used as an email provider.

5. Some email providers require additional steps as shown below for Gmail.

The following providers require additional steps. Select the email server appropriate for you.

6. If your email provider is not listed, you will need to manually configure this yourself. Each server will have their own server and port which they should provide in their help documentation. You will need to configure that here.

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