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Communications: Email Settings
Communications: Email Settings

Explaining Email Settings and Email senders in your Account Setttings.

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When setting up your communications in your Account Settings, you can select between Email Settings and SMS.

This article will cover Email Settings and Email senders. For more information on SMS settings, see our article Communications: SMS.

Admin permission is required to access the Communications settings.

Email settings

Under the Email section, you will have a checkbox to choose how you want email to be sent:

  • Send emails from Method servers

  • Setup my own custom server

Send emails from Method servers

When using Method servers to send email, all email are sent by default from However, you can designate an email address for your recipient to reply to.

To increase the deliverability of sent emails, administrators can authenticate up to three company domains. This will remove as the address that Method emails are sent from, and allow users to send from any email prefix at that domain. For more information, please see our article "Authenticate your domain."

You can see further analytics on the email sent from Method by clicking View all emails. For more information, see our article, "Communications: View Sent Email"


As mentioned above, you can authenticate up to three domains. Authenticating your domain involves publishing DNS records (DKIM, SPF, and DMARC) that establish your domain reputation to ensure optimal email deliverability. This is necessary to avoid major deliverability issues. Authentication is mandatory for all sending domains on both Gmail and Yahoo. For more information, please see our article "Authenticate your domain."


Choose between our free and paid email communication plans. This will affect the limit on the number of email recipients you can send to.

NOTE: Every recipient added to the email counts towards the email limit. If you have an email with four CC's and one BCC, that counts as five email recipients towards your email limit.

Free email communication plan

If you are subscribed to Method, you are allowed to send 5000 email recipients for free per month. This will be reset on your billing period and is displayed under the Activity section below.

NOTE: During your trial period with Method, you can only send up to 100 email recipients. If you have a trial QuickBooks account, you will not be able to send any email.

Paid email communication plan

If you need to send more email, you can enable a paid tier for $0.0009 per additional email after consuming your allocated free Method Emails. You must be subscribed to Method to enable this paid tier.

  • If you are above 5000 emails and do not check this box, no emails past 5000 will be sent for the month, nor will you be charged. This option is not automatically enabled.

  • If you are above 5000 emails and you do check this box, all emails past 5000 will be sent for the month, and you will only need to pay for the additional emails past 5000.


The Activity section shows you the communication activity for the current month. It will give an update on:

  1. When the next reset will occur for email.

  2. The total number of emails sent.

  3. The total cost, if any, for communication messages past the free amount.

By clicking on Emails, you can see further details on your communication activity.

Email Senders

A number of Method apps will send email, whether to users or contacts in your account. To ensure optimal email delivery, an admin will need to specify which email addresses can be used to send from within Method.

NOTE: Users with basic permissions can also add an email address to send from. For more information, see Your User Profile - Email.

The Email Senders tab allows you to manage those emails.

  • Sender Name: The name of the sender belonging to the email.

  • Email: The email address allowed to use as a "From" email address.

  • Access Level: Method users can select who an email is sent from. The access level dictates whether a Method User can select the address or not.

    • User (Private): Only the Method user who uses that email address can send out with the email address. By selecting the vertical ellipsis icon (), you can set this to User (Shared).

    • User (Shared): Any user will be able to send out an email with this user's email address. By selecting the vertical ellipsis icon (), you can set this back to User (Private).

    • Shared: A created email address which any user can use to send out an email with. By selecting the vertical ellipsis icon (), you can:

      • Edit the shared email address.

      • Disable the shared email address.

      • Delete the shared email address.

  • Provider: You can specify which email provider to use for each email address. Setting it to default will use the email provider set up in Email Settings.

  • Status: Whether or not the email is Enabled or Disabled.

Shared Email Addresses

You can create shared email addresses which any user in your Method account can use to send out emails, (e.g., by clicking the New button.

This will bring up a modal which will allow you create an email address:

By unchecking theSend from Method Servers checkbox, you will be able to set up a custom email provider:

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