Each Method:CRM account allows up to 5000 emails per month to be sent out from our Method Email Server. This will be reset on your billing period. You can choose to enable a paid tier for additional email.

NOTE: You will require admin permissions in order to make these changes.

For the majority of Method:CRM accounts, it is recommended to stay with the default and use Method's email server.

However, if you'd prefer to use another email server, this article will walk you through that. You can either set up a default email server for everyone in your Method:CRM account, or have specific users in your Method:CRM account have different email servers.

NOTE: There may be a situation where you need to set up a different email server for an individual user rather than the one already defined in the company settings. For this setup, please see our article "Your User Profile".

Set Up a Default Email Server for all Users in your Account

 1. Click the upper-right preferences icon and then click Account Settings.

2. Select Email.

3. Beside Email delivery provider, uncheck the checkbox to Use Method's server to deliver emails for you (recommended)

4. Unchecking the box will show fields to set up your email server. Enter in your authentication credentials for your email server. In the below example, Outlook is used as an email provider.

5. Some email providers require additional steps as shown below for Gmail.

The following providers require additional steps.

6. If your email provider is not listed, you will require the server and the port.

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