Who this guide is meant for?

This guide is designed for QuickBooks users who would like to freely access their QuickBooks and Method:CRM company files from remote locations without worrying about installations. The agile nature of remote access enables staff, clients and accountants to access data from absolutely anywhere with an Internet connection.

Let's break it down. Method:CRM is a QuickBooks integrated, web-based platform featuring fully-customizable Apps designed with the small business owner in mind. InsynQ is an authorized hosting provider for Intuit, and has been supplying Cloud-based services to its customers since 1997. InsynQ offers QuickBooks hosting so your data will always be online, accessible from any location with an Internet connection, with high security protection to keep your data safe. This partnership means InsynQ can preload the Method Sync Engine on their server, so that real-time synchronization between your QuickBooks and Method accounts can take place 100% in the cloud.

What are the steps I need to follow to setup Method:CRM Integration on InsynQ?

  1. Sign up for an InsynQ account and inform them you will be using Method:CRM. They will supply a link to the Method Integration Engine on your Virtual Desktop. Make sure to follow the instructions InsynQ provides for your initial setup.

  2. Transfer the QuickBooks file you would like to use with Method:CRM to the InsynQ server.

  3. Once the configuration is completed, log into your InsynQ account and open QuickBooks to your Company File. Make sure to read the FAQ here, which discusses the setup for the first log in.

  4. Once QuickBooks has been configured on InsynQ's network, we recommend you remove QuickBooks from your local computer.

And that's it! You're all set up with InsynQ!

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