And now we come to the real heart and soul of Method - the Design Mode!  Here, you are able to customize every screen in every app you own, to your heart’s content.  This section will describe the tools available to you and how they work, which will be very helpful once you start customizing and building your own apps!

First things first - let’s get to the Design Mode.  Unlike other areas in Method, the Design Mode is a different way to view and interact with the mechanics of how the screen functions.  Think of it as taking a look under the hood of a car.

There are two ways to get to the Design mode of a screen.

  • Clicking on the Customize Button on the individual screen when editing the App’s Screens.
  • Selecting the Customize link on the Right Nav when you’re on the screen in the app that you want to customize.

There are a number of different elements in Design Mode that deserve explanation, so let’s start at the top.

Just above the Menu bar, you’ll see the name of the screen you are editing.  Beside the screen name you’ll see either Design Mode, or Publish Mode.

  • Design mode: This means the screen is ready to be customized.  It hasn’t been published (made live) in the past, and you’re ok to start making changes to the screen.
  • Publish Mode: The screen is Read-Only and cannot be changed. This screen is published and can no longer be customized unless you create a new version of the screen (see Screen versions for more details).
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