Button Menu Object

Reduce the number of buttons on the screen with the button menu.

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The button menu object allows you to collect buttons within it. It has a dropdown arrow which expands a menu with other button choices.

This is useful for organizing your buttons so there isn't as much clutter on the screen.Β 

When you use the button menu in your own customizations, it is similar to creating a button, however, you will need to have actions for each button menu item.

Button Menu Properties

When you select the button menu object, you will be able to configure its settings, styles, and events to add actions to the different menus.


  • Name: the name for your button menu. This does not show up on the control itself, but is useful for referencing when adding actions to the screen.

  • Load State: The default state of the control (regular/hidden/disabled).


  • Text color: color of text on the button.

  • Background color: color of the text background on the button.Β 


Clicking on Menu Items will bring up a screen allowing you to configure the menu items for your button menu control.

Below is an example of configuring the menu items. On the left are three button menu items.

To create a new menu item, you click Add menu item.

When you select a menu item from the list on the left, you can set the properties for that menu item:

  • Caption: The text that the user will see in the button menu.

  • Click Actions: this will bring up the action editor and you can add actions to this particular menu item.

  • Additional Options:

    • β˜‘ Is Visible: menu item will not appear in the button menu.

    • β˜‘ Is disabled: menu item will be greyed out in the button menu (user can see it, but cannot select it).

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