Assign Value to Shared Result Action

How to assign values to shared results via customization in Method.

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A shared result is a way to temporarily remember and recall a custom value between different screens.

This action sounds much like the action Assign Value to Action Result, however, a value stored in a Shared Result can be used anywhere in Method — not just in the control it was created.

NOTE: Use shared results sparingly! If you can do the same thing with an action result, use that instead. Shared results are incredibly difficult to debug.



Assign the value

This is a value you wish to store in the shared result. This value can be defined by you, pulled from an existing control on the screen, or a pulled from the user's session.

Give it a name

Type the name you will give the shared result so it can be referenced later on.

⊕ Add another shared result

Click to add more than one shared result to define.

NOTE: When you Give it a name, a dropdown appears with "(New)" appended to it as shown above. You must click that dropdown option to create the shared result else it will be empty and you will get an error.


Shared results should be used sparingly. In most cases, it is not suitable for use due to its difficulty to debug and maintain.

  • Be descriptive when naming shared results
    i.e. "result" is not helpful but "resultContactName" is.

  • Unlike action results, in order to reference the shared result you need to manually  type and remember its name.

  • Because shared results can be created anywhere, there is no easy way to determine its source.

  • Because shared results are saved throughout the session, it may retain old values. If you are done with the value, make sure you manually clear it.

  • Although there is no character limit for a shared result,  there is a maximum of 10,000 characters that can be displayed using the action Show message.

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