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Can I Migrate One Method Account to Another?
Can I Migrate One Method Account to Another?

Account migrations from one Method account to another.

Updated over a week ago

There are a lot of considerations when you wish to move your data from one account to another, and in most cases, there is no quick way.

It all depends on what data you wish to migrate.

  • No Method or CRM data: If you are only concerned about your transaction data within QuickBooks, then all you need to do is start a new Method account and have it sync with your QuickBooks data.

  • Currently on Classic version of Method: If you want to be on the new version of Method, you can have your account enabled to have both New and Classic interface with the exact same data. Just ask in our chat for this to be toggled for you.

    NOTE: any customizations created in your classic account will not be available in the New version.

However, everything else will take more time.

  • If you wish to move over CRM related data, you can export all your data via the export tool, and then import it in. However, this is a complicated venture because all the Record IDs will be completely different in the new account. Because all the tables are intricately connected, you will need to extensively map out how all the records relate to each other in order for the import to go smoothly. 

  • If you wish to move over customized screens, this can't be done. Any customizations done in the old account will need to be recreated from scratch in the new account. 

  • If you wish to move a QuickBooks Desktop file to a QuickBooks Online account, there is no easy way to do this either. Please see our article for more details. 

If you are still interested in migrating your account, you can also look to our Customization Services to get this done. 

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