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How to make a contact a Billing Contact
How to make a contact a Billing Contact

How to make a contact a Billing Contact on your Method account

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Admins on your Method account have the ability to designate individuals as billing contacts, allowing them to receive billing-related emails and update company information.

Admin permission is required to manage users.

Step 1: Access the Subscription Portal

  1. Sign in to your Method account with your administrator credentials.

  2. Click your Profile icon in the upper-right and then click Account Settings.

  3. Click on Subscription.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click Update Company Information.

This will take you to the Subscription portal where you can manage your subscription and account details.

Step 2: Update Company Information

  1. On your Subscription portal page, click the [ βŒ„ ] arrow on the Edit Profile Details button, and then select My Other Contacts.

  2. This screen lists all the contacts associated with your Method account. Select the contact's name you want to designate as a billing contact.

  3. Once selected, you can edit your contact. Under Communications, uncheck "Do Not Receive Billing Emails." The contact will now be a billing contact.

  4. Click the Save button to ensure changes take effect.

NOTE: If you only have one contact, they will automatically be the Billing contact and you cannot choose to remove them from Billing Emails.

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