A text object, unlike a text input object, is designed to display text on the screen. It can also be used as a clickable link if you add actions to its click event.


  • Text: Set the text to display on screen. Also used to uniquely identify the object within actions. HTML tags will be rendered as HTML.
  • Load State: The initial state when the screen loads.
  • Font Type: This specifies the type of font used for the text object. Currently there are two types: Paragraph and Title. Paragraph is for normal text. Title is for larger text that is used for titles.
  • Format as link: Make the text a link, and then you can format in a number of ways based on link: a phone number, or an email, or web address!
  • Text stays on one line: Text stays on one line as opposed to wrapping to the next line if it’s too long. Careful – this means it could go right off the screen.
  • Show Icon: Allows you to add an icon to the text object by choosing from the Method list. This also opens an option to choose the icon alignment (left or right).
  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to its container?  Auto means it’ll be the width of the text or icon, Fixed lets you assign a width in pixels, and Full will make it the full width of the section or cell it has been dragged into.


A text object can be a normal word, or a number, or a date. Using Format as, you can set how the text will display

  • None: No format
  • Number: Display as a number. If chosen, you can also select decimal rounding and thousands separator.
  • Short Date: If a date and time, display date as "MMM-DD-YYYY".
  • Short Date and Time: If a date and time display short date with time.
  • Long Date: If a date and time, display date with "Day, Month DD, YYYY"
  • Long Date and Time: If a date and time, display long date with time.
  • Time: If a date and time, format to display time.
  • Hour: If a time, show just the hour of the time.
  • Day of Week: If a date, show only the day of the week. 
  • Month: If a date, show only the month.
  • Month and Year: If a date, show only month and year.
  • Year: If a date, show only year.


  • Text size/colors: Determine the size and color of your text from the Method palette.
  • Icon colors: If you have an icon in your text object, choose its color here.
  • Text align: Choose from regular, left, center, right, and justified alignments.
  • Caption Font weight: Choose how thick the caption text appears.
  • Border size/color/style: Change the size, color and style of your border.

Actions / Events

  • Click event: The click event triggers if the text object is clicked.
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