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Customizing the HTML Editor object in Method

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An HTML editor object inserts a standard text editor into your screen. For more information on HTML editors, take a look at our documentation on the topic.

Accessing value of a HTML Editor object

The HTML Editor object will hold whatever value it is set to. This value can be altered by using the Update Controls on Screen action.

When an action requires you to 'Assign a value', you can use the value set in the HTML Editor object.

HTML Editor Properties

When you select the HTML Editor object, you can configure its you configure its settings, display format, validation rules, styles, and events.


  • Caption: The name for your object. Used for display on screen and to uniquely identify the object within actions.

  • Hide Caption: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.

  • Load State: The initial state when the screen loads.

  • Default Value: This is the text that initially appears inside the input box.

  • Height: The initial height of the input box. Specified only in pixels (px).

  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to its container. For more information, check out Styling Basics.

Display format

Although available to set, there isn't really a common use case to implement this for an HTML Editor object. Keep it at None.

Validation Rules

For more information on rule validation, see our article Field Validation.


  • Background color: Set the background color of this control from the preset Method palette.

  • Caption theme color/size/text alignment/font weight: Choose the color, size, alignment of the text, and weight of your caption.

  • Border size/color/style: Change the size, color and style of your border.

Actions / Events

  • Change: Event triggers when text changes in the object.

  • Focus: Event triggers when object gains focus (e.g. user tabs to or clicks in HTML input box).

  • Lose Focus: Event triggers when object loses focus (eg. user tabs to or clicks on another control).

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