Purchase Orders Preferences

Explaining the options in the Purchase Order preferences

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The Purchase Order Preferences screen can be accessed from your dashboard by clicking on the vertical ellipsis [] on your Purchase Orders App and selecting Preferences.

This will open up your Purchase Order Preferences.

When a P.O. is created, you are given the option to print or email it to the vendor it's been assigned to.

  • Email Outgoing Activity Type: When an email is sent to the vendor via the Email button, an activity is created. The activity type is set to this dropdown.

  • Email Notification Template: Email Template used when clicking the Email button on the P.O., which sends an email to the vendor. To edit this template, go to Method's Send Email App, and select Edit Templates.

  • Print Template: When the Print button is clicked on the invoice, a PDF file will be created and will use the P.O. template chosen here.

To edit an invoice template, you need to use Method's Web Report Designer tool and requires knowledge on how to use this tool. To get started, first copy a transaction print template.

NOTE: If a template dropdown is left blank, a default template is used.

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