The Create Short Method URL action will create a short, unique link to a specific Method screen within your account.

1. Who Will Access This Link?

  • Guest User: This user is usually a contact of your account. They will access screens via their Contact Portal.
  • Public User: link accessible by everyone.
  • Method User of your Account: link accessible only by a Method user.

2. Specify the guest contact RecordID: This only shows if Guest user is selected. You will need to specify the contact's Record ID. Screens expecting a guest will thus be able to filter the data so it's specific to the contact.

3. Open This Screen: the screen the link will show. You will need to specify the app the screen is in, and then the screen itself.

4. Set this Active Record ID: if the screen is showing a record, this will be the Record ID for the record being viewed.

5. Link Expiry (In Minutes): you can set the link to expire so that it no longer works. Setting it to 0 sets it to never expire.

6. Store URL in: Where to store URL link once generated. This can be in an action result or a control on the screen.

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